2018 Highlights

January 2018: Expanded civilian membership on the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners highlighted its role as a conduit between the public and the Police Service. 

February 2018: Newly appointed Police Chief Troy Cooper was sworn in after a nation-wide, six-month recruitment campaign directed by the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners.

March 2018: SPS progress toward a representative workforce was reviewed by the Police Commission with the goal of ensuring the Police Service reflects the community it serves. 

April 2018: The impact of cannabis legalization on the community, and in particular, community safety was reviewed by the Police Service and the Police Commission.

May 2018: The Commission’s Strategic Plan focuses on three goals: Effective oversight of the Police Service, the Commission being a conduit between the public and the Police Service, and effective Governance practices by the Commission. 

June 2018: A Collective Agreement between the Saskatoon Police Association and the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners was ratified by the Police Commission.

September 2018: Contact Interviews / Street Checks were the topic of communication, to the public from the Commission with feedback from residents as the Police Service prepared a training program to respond to new provincial guidelines. 

October 2018: A highly successful Community Consultation created healthy discussion and dialogue between residents and the Police Commission on four topics: The Safe Community Action Alliance, Legalization of cannabis, De-escalation techniques employed by the Police Service, and Contact Interviews / Street Checks. 

November 2018: Community safety, through SPS and its partnering organizations, such as the Safe Community Action Alliance, remained an area of focused attention for the Police Commission throughout the year.

December 2018: Meeting with SPS Platoons on Christmas Day conveyed the appreciation of the community and the Police Commission when Commissioners Darlene Brander, Carolanne Inglis-McQuay, Charlie Clark and Kearney Healy greeted the officers returning from patrol at a time when most residents were able to be a home with their families.

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