Troy Cooper Sworn in as New Saskatoon Chief of Police

The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners has sworn in Troy Cooper as the new Chief of the Saskatoon Police Service. Chief Cooper assumes his responsibilities effective immediately.

Saskatoon Police Commission Chair Darlene Brander said, “The installation of Troy Cooper as Police Chief today is a highly important element of the Saskatoon Police Commission’s mandate. Our Commission has three strategic roles. One is to provide objective oversight of the Saskatoon Police Service. We accomplished that with the hiring of a highly qualified, and deeply experienced, Police Chief.”

Chair Brander continued, “Our Commission’s second role is to be a conduit between the public and the Saskatoon Police Service. We engaged the public at the outset of the recruitment process by asking what residents and groups wanted in their new Chief of Police. The public told us, and we found those attributes, in Chief Cooper. Thirdly, we have a mandate to operate effectively. And again, Chief Cooper’s history is one of constructive dialogue with the Police Commission with which he has interacted. We are very confident about the ability of our Commission and our Chief to maintain a healthy and productive working relationship.”

Newly installed Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper stated, “I am honored to be sworn in as the new Chief of the Saskatoon Police Service, an organization that leads the public safety industry. It has set the bar for others in terms of responsiveness, transparency and accountability. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of our City, and I am humbled to be a part of the Saskatoon Police Service.”

Chief Cooper was selected as Chief of Police for Saskatoon following a national recruitment campaign that began in September 2017 with a targeted timeline of having the new Police Chief in place in the 1st Quarter of 2018. The recruitment process, which was completed right on schedule, attracted highly qualified candidates. As was stated in January 2018, when Troy Cooper was introduced as Chief-Elect, the Commission was seeking a Chief of Police who is a true community leader, who has exemplary skills in their interaction with the community and has the proven ability to fully engage and motivate an outstanding Police Service. The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners is extremely pleased with the outcome of the recruitment and appointment process.

Saskatoon Police Commission Chair Darlene Brander at
Saskatoon Police Commission Vice-Chair Carolanne Inglis-McQuay at
Dwight Percy, Consultant to the Saskatoon Police Commission, at or 306-222-1361


Backgrounder on Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper

Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper - Perspectives and Priorities:
“My focus will be on maintaining the ‘professional gold standard’ of the Saskatoon Police Service and ensuring that it remains engaged in, and reflective of, the community it serves.

In order to protect the community, our officers must be safe themselves. Some of our early service review will be to ensure the dangerous elements inherent in policing are properly resourced.

With community support and diverse perspectives we will be well prepared to tackle the current pressures of complex new legislation and the impact of addictive drugs. Our province has seen an increase in weapons, particularly firearms, used by offenders and this risk has to be addressed.

In the last two years we have also faced an increase in addictive drugs and we anticipate this trend to increase as it has in other Western provinces. Root cause enforcement in this area is necessary so that officers are not overburdened by the spinoff effects of addiction.

Finally, we know that policing and public safety is a community effort. Preventing crime and addressing the environment that fosters the development of criminals will require partnerships with health care, social services, community groups and education providers. Community policing is a priority.” - Chief Troy Cooper

Saskatoon Police Chief Troy Cooper - Experience and Qualifications:

  • Chief of Police with the Prince Albert Police Service since 2012.

  • Prior to 2012, served in the following roles with Prince Albert Police Service: Deputy Chief of Police, Inspector in Charge of the Criminal Investigations Unit, Staff Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Detective Corporal and Constable.

  • Education includes: Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Law Enforcement & Security from Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Professional Arts (BPA) in Criminal Justice from Athabasca University, and Certificate in Police Leadership Administration from Henson College at Dalhousie University.

  • Professional Development includes: Executive Development in Policing Program from Canadian Police College, Senior Police Administration Course from Canadian Police College, Senior Management Institute for Police from Boston College, Media Relations from Canadian Police College, Quality Assurance from Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Major Crimes from Canadian Police College, Criminal Intelligence Course from Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, Commanders Course from Canadian Police College, and Internal Affairs Investigations from Calgary Police / OPP.

  • Recognition and Awards include: Police Exemplary Service Medal, Saskatchewan Protective Services Medal, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, Governor General Order of Merit for Police Forces, Saskatchewan Centennial Medal, Sergeant E. Ryan Memorial Award as Police Officer of the Year, and Top Academic Recruit (Class 26) with Saskatchewan Police College.

  • Professional Affiliations and Activities have included: National Police Services’ National Advisory Committee, Saskatchewan Protective Services Advisory Committee, Chair of Saskatchewan Interoperability Interest Group, Co-Chair of Prince Albert HUB and COR Steering Committee, Regional Alcohol Strategy Committee, Prince Albert Youth Outreach Program, and Needle Exchange / HIV Strategy Committee. 

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