Saskatoon Police Chief Recruitment on Schedule

Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners Highly Satisfied with Quality of Applicants

The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners today provided a brief update on the recruitment, selection and hiring of a new Chief of Police for Saskatoon.

Commission Chair Darlene Brander said, “The Saskatoon Police Commission is extremely pleased with the quality of applicants that the Saskatoon Police Chief recruitment campaign has attracted. It was our expectation, from the outset, that the strong reputation that has been developed by the Saskatoon Police Service would serve to attract highly qualified candidates. Our expectation has certainly been met.”

Added Commissioner Brander, “The schedule developed by the Board of Police Commissioners during the summer when it established its recruitment, selection and hiring plan is 100% on track and on schedule. The Police Commission remains committed to working its way through the process in a very deliberate and careful manner, given that this decision is one that is important to people in Saskatoon.”

The level of community interest was typified by the strong response received when the Commission launched a public survey in September in which residents were asked questions about the attributes of a Police Chief that matter most to them. The 229 responses were reviewed by the Commissioners prior to finalizing the evaluation grid with which the Commissioners assessed applications.

As is standard in the human resources industry, and to fully respect the privacy rights of applicants, the Police Commission will not be identifying the number, source, or location of applicants.

With the recruitment process being right on schedule, the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners remains confident it will have a new Police Chief in place in the first quarter of 2018, as stated at the time of the recruitment launch in early September.

Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners Chair Darlene Brander through the City Clerk’s Office at 306-975-3240. 

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