Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners:
Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The Police Commission provides oversight with the Saskatoon Police Service, where the Commission holds the responsibility of ensuring the community is served by a reasonable standard of law enforcement. In order to accomplish this, the Commission is mandated to ensure the Saskatoon Police Service has access to adequate and reasonable resources.
  2. Another important Police Commission role is to act as a conduit between the community and Saskatoon City Council. The Commission recommends an annual Police Service operating budget to City Council and confers with the community about issues that are germane to policing and public safety

The Police Commission operates under the auspices of the Saskatchewan Provincial Police Act in accordance with its Governance Policy.

The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners is comprised of the Mayor, two members of Saskatoon City Council and four members of the Public. Find more information here. 

The public is welcome to attend Police Commission meetings and to address the Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners’ public meetings. 

The Public Complaints Commission is a seven-person, non-police body appointed by the Saskatchewan government. It is responsible for ensuring that both the public and the police receive a fair and thorough investigation of a complaint against the police or an investigation of a possible criminal offence by a police officer. Additional information is available here.  

At its Thursday January 11, 2018 meeting, the Police Commission reviewed the following:

· The Commission will be communicating with the Saskatoon Police Service and the Sexual Assault Centres in both Regina and Saskatoon to assess further reporting improvements
· Reviewed notes and letters of Appreciation to the Saskatoon Police Service over the past month
· Received confirmation of City Council approval of the Police Service Operating and Capital Budgets for 2018, as proposed by the Police Commission
· Set Police Commission meeting dates for the year and amended meeting times to 4:00 p.m. for 2018