Saskatoon Police Commission Recap of Key Issues from February 15, 2018 Meeting

Expanded Police Commission:
The Saskatoon Board of Police Commissioners now consists of seven members with the addition of two civilians, Jo Custead and Kearney Healy. This brings the number of civilian members to four, constituting the majority of the Commission’s membership which is consistent with the practice in most Canadian cities.

Saskatoon Police Service “Care of our Community”:
During the Environmental Scan portion of the meeting, several Commissioners expressed their appreciation to the Saskatoon Police Service for the Service’s dedication to community safety following the release of the verdict in the Gerald Stanley case in North Battleford. Commissioners noted the care and attention paid by the Service that evening as well as during the rallies and marches held subsequently. The Police Service did an outstanding job of ensuring the safety of all members of the public throughout.

Traffic Enforcement Around Saskatoon:
Commissioners are asked on occasion about the Saskatoon Police Service traffic patrols that occur on highways surrounding Saskatoon, and in particular, why SPS resources are being used for this purpose. As reported at the meeting, neither Saskatoon Police Service resources nor local taxation fund this program. It is 100% funded by the provincial government and operated as a joint project between the RCMP and SPS. The results, as the Commissioners heard, are impressive – a decrease in traffic fatalities of more than 50% in the areas covered by this provincially funded traffic patrol initiative.

Commission Meetings in the Community:
Building on its role as a conduit between the public and the Saskatoon Police Service, the Board of Police Commissioners will be holding two of its 2018 meetings at venues outside of City Hall, at locations in the community. The Commission will provide updated information on the locations and format for the two meetings, which are intended to maximize interaction between the Commission and the public.

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